Bamboo flooring is a natural product made of giant bamboo specially grown for the construction industry. Bamboo only takes 4 years to reach maturity and will grow again by itself after being cut down. This provides bamboo to be more environmentally friendly than hardwood. Bamboo flooring is harder than maple and more stable than oak to temperature and moisture change. Bamboo flooring is more durable to resisting wear through due to its higher density as compared with most hardwood. Bamboo flooring is elegant and beautiful with its unique and exotic design. Factory pre-finished bamboo flooring is extremely scratch resistant because it is finished with 11 coats of anti-abrasive aluminum oxide. Bamboo flooring is fully sandable and repairable when it is necessary. Warner Bamboo Flooring is a high quality product with ISO9002 certification.

Warner Bamboo Floors is a leading bamboo-flooring manufacturer located in South-Eastern China with a history of over 15 years in the industry. Warner Bamboo flooring is manufactured under strict quality control management. Our factory is the first to hold an ISO9002 quality control certification for bamboo flooring industry in China. Warner introduced Bamboo Floors into the American market in 1995 and has built distribution channels nationally, such as Lowes Home Improvements. As a manufacturer, Warner provides distributors with a back-up inventory of over 200,000 square feet of bamboo flooring and accessories in our New Jersey warehouse. Warner Bamboo Floors uses advanced technology and materials for its products. About 800 tons of heat hydraulic pressure equipment is used to guarantee lifetime lamination structure. Warner Bamboo Flooring is maintained by 11 layers of special coating, made in Germany, including anti-abrasive aluminum oxide inside and anti-scratch top coating outside. This superior finish allows Warner Bamboo Flooring to provide 25 years of finish warranty.